Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lacroix Loses Eric Simonis

Long time sommelier and recent GM of Lacroix Eric Simonis has resigned his position.Eric supplied more than his share of Lacroix's credibility for years. Outside of its address and eponymous legendary chef, Lacroix's tenuous slot in the top echelon of Philly fine dining has been secured, in recent years, through Eric's  credentials, style and diplomacy.


EmAlabama said...

As a former employee of Eric, I can truly say he was of tremendous value to Lacroix. His knowledge of wine is unmatched, but his sincerely kind, customer oriented manner will be a huge loss to Lacroix. I wish all the luck and prosperity in the world to him and his lovely wife and daughter. If he moves to another Philly restaurant, I look forward to enjoying his always tremendous wine pairings there.

Anonymous said...

I am also a former employee of Lacroix. I can assure you that Eric WAS the steady, calm hand that no matter what trauma management or the kitchen caused, Eric was the voice of reason, and a refuge for ill treated employees.

Lacroix is a shell of its former shef. the only thing left is the view.