Saturday, January 7, 2012

Santucci's Stellar Pizza

Post farmers market we chowed down on pizza from Santucci Christian St. This was fantastic. As tasty as any pie that I've had from the old O Street spot.
  Bravo Santucci!


Kittina said...

Dear Gaetano, How do you correctly pronounce " Canelé " . Went to this specialty store last week and was corrected at least once by the cashier at the bakery.
Phonetically speaking, i saw " ca-neh-le" a short e at the end. Am i pronouncing it correctly ? the cashier kept saying " canelli" ...
and by how it is spelled at , it surely doesn't have a double "L" sound, or an " I" at the end. Please advise.

Gaetano said...

Hi Kittina

Your pronunciation is correct.

Here's a link where you can listen to a correct pronunciation.

I'm pleased that you enjoy canele.


Kittina said...

Thank you for confirming it. i knew i was right ! and i'm glad i came to you. next time, i shall correct the corrector back and tell them to look up their history. :)