Monday, June 25, 2012

SWEET ... Cherries and Onions

Sweet local onions roasted with bacon teamed up with cauliflower, mustard and chevre in last weeks tarts. 

Ben Wenk  (Three Springs) supplied these summer sweet cherries  arranged atop mint pastry cream which rested upon a thin layer of Valhrona 70%.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Remember the debate around banning indoor smoking, especially smoking in bars? I didn't think that there was much to debate there. We know for sure that second hand smoke is unhealthy and we know for sure that smoking is a drag on the health care system. There isn't  a legit argument countering those basic primary concerns. In my view it was a simple subject. The only complexity involved was the execution of the ban.

Isn't the debate around labeling  GMO foods similar in that it doesn't enter into complex interpretations. Arguments range all over the place but really the point is that a consumer has the right to know what they might purchase. The question isn't about the ethics of bio engineering or long term health effects or organic/corporate greediness. Truth in packaging is a basic premise that underpins an honest, free marketplace. Demand this basic transparency.

In this piece the comments range so far afield that folks invoke everything from the constitution to the periodic table! How does it not make sense to simple require labeling and allow consumers to make an informed decision?

More ... Recent Tasty Plates

Three Springs brought these berries to market on Sunday. Here they go with mint pastry cream and a layer of Valhrona 70%.

This tart is made with plenty of the tender fennel that I grabbed from Blooming Glen on Sunday. It also uses roasted turnips and green onions. I used chevre from Zimmerman Family Farm via Nolan of Stryker Farm. Sonny D'Angelo's guanciale pulls things together.

 This plate of nova was amped up considerably by swaping out a few traditional garnishes with farm fresh alternatives. Queen's Farm sliced green onions, and turnips and radishes from Blooming Glen added bright refreshing June flavor.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Spring Vegetables with Scapes, Pancetta & Chevre

Scapes and pancetta is a super tasty combo! Sonny D'angelo's pancetta and Tom Culton's scapes.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cherry, Chocolate, Almond Sweet tart

These cherries were courtesy of Culton Organics at last Sunday's Headhouse Market.