Friday, July 27, 2012

A Twit Abroad

 Salt Lake City, Utahistan : London, England :: Mitt Romney : Boris Johnson 

Mitt identified as a twit before the games even begin.

Romney's foreign policy style honed in the middle of nowhere.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Soft Shell Crab Tacos

Blooming Glen Farm has had tomatillos at Headhouse mkt for a few weeks. Tomatillo salsa w fried calamari is a classic. That salsa works just as well with softies.

The softshells came from WFM @ $4.99each. They wereprecleaned and packed in clear plastic sleeves. WFM has a moral problem with killing things on their premises that's why. no live lobsters. WFM has no qualms about killing your budget.

Their crabs were fresh enough but well on their way back to not-soft-shell-crab status. They fried up well enough but really what doesn't? The tortillas were fresh and fantastic from Tortelleria San Roman on 9th St. Far superior to the plastic bag supermarket variety and far cheaper. At the tortelleria they hand over your package steaming fresh.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Summertime...NOT TIME for Whole Foods or the SuperMarket

For certain items WFM is incredibly reliable. Produce is very rarely one of them.

Farmers Market produce is early and amazing this year. I see all those connoisseurs over at whole foods browsing the Peruvian this and the California that, 'oh look at these Michigan joints'.  Local comes to WFM for about 4 weeks each year. You probably missed it. 

Farmers Mkt. The prices are fair. You'll get an irrefutably delicious value and there's the fantastic benefit of community contact and involvement. It's a healthful, local and naturally vibrant experience

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Judge Tucker Performs Orchiectomy on PPA

Here's the story in detail from Check out the last couple of paragraphs where the  PPA's lawyers Dennis Weldon and Alanna Buchanan try to pull an oopsy and get the case pulled from the docket. uh uh

Mayor and city leaders, does the PPA's 'profits' lord over your sense of urban liberty? It sure looks that way.

I've received parking violations in Philly since the 70's. It's obvious to me the PPA is in need of reforms. For example, during the PPA's reign, every time  I've been to court the space is filled to capacity. Close to 100 'offenders' I guess. I'm confused by the PPA's extravagant use of everyone's time. How does it work that 5 days a week that place is packed? Those 'offenders' are driving, parking, leaving work, finding free time often because they feel wronged by PPA. That doesn't make sense to me. Thousands of people year round are there for a hearing?

Everyone I know with a car in Philly has a story about the rampant idiocy and and smug arrogance of the PPA. All that rancor generated by the PPA surely adds to the atmosphere of crankiness and frustration on Philly streets in general. A helpful and courteous non-blood sucking PPA would sweeten the streets right?

It is a bright new day!


Monday, July 16, 2012

Amazing Market Sunday

Farmer's Market Fruit Tart 
Gold Plums, White Currants, Blueberries, Vanilla Pastry Cream

White Currants From Ben Wenk

Vegetables brought to market by Tom Culton & Tom Murtha

Friday, July 13, 2012

Leaf Lard on the West Side

I've made a bunch of pastry shells using leaf lard from Stryker Farm. Nolan from Stryker, who last year was a vendor at Headhouse Sunday Mkt., is currently a vendor at Clark Park Saturday Mkt. His lard is prime, so is his scrapple!

Rot at the Top

Does the ex president hear the cuffs rattling? 

Statement from the executive for ethical, responsible leadership:
"at no time in his 16 years as President of Penn State was Dr. Spanier told of any incident involving Jerry Sandusky that described child abuse, sexual misconduct, or criminality of any nature." 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Savory Tart = Summer Veggies and Bacon

Sonny D'Angelo's apple smoked bacon. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Revel...Too Sexy For Atlantic City?

  • HQ Nightclub, a 40,000-square-foot venue with four distinct levels will unveil its main room Friday, July 6. To make a reservation and for guest list requests visit   40K SQ FT!
  • @ "The Social" The first band begins at 8 p.m., followed by the second at 11 p.m., unless otherwise noted.
  • @ "Social Up"  The second level of The Social
  • @"Digi-Pit" a high-energy gaming area featuring digital blackjack and roulette.Modern-day pinup girls salute America as they dance!
  • @ "Block Party"  break dancing, sangria jello shots and adult punch.
  • @ "In Out Pool"  DJ, * resort Guests only
  • @ "The Cabanas"  Rent your own private cabana with a 36" TV.  (10 am - 6pm)
  • @ "Sky Garden BBQ"  fill up on burgers, bratwurst, chicken and of course, apple pie.
    *Resort guests only
    **Weather permitting
  • @ Mussel Bar  Robert Wiedmaier pairs a killer Bloody Mary bar with a custom brunch menu.
  • @ Food Walk  gyoza to gnocci Food Tickets $5
  • @ Azure Join Belvedere and Moet & Chandon for an unrestrained daytime brunch at Azure by Allegretti. Music by Dean K and percussion by Matthew Mango will keep the party going. 
  • @ The One   from New-York-based restaurant company The ONE Group, get your party started early with a DJ, an ultimate Bloody Mary tray, and bottle service.  
Pleasures unimaginable and the Iron Chef at Revel the "gateway to bliss"!

Tasty and Technological

Mmm River and Glen salmon. Love it even more with hi-test apple cider!

Technology @ Nam Phuong. No one at our table had ever seen these banh trang moistening vessels before!

These are goat milk dinner buns. I'm trying to get these up to Market Day Canele standards for a possible market offering.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Weather for Philadelphia, PA

94°F | °C
ClearClearClearChance of Storms
Mostly Cloudy

Wind: NW at 9 mph

Humidity: 35%100°77°99°79°108°81°99°79
Detailed forecast:The Weather Channel-Weather Underground-AccuWeather

It's hot for sure, but Google has a new 'trick' to get you interested in their forecasts. The forecast above is what you get if you google "Philly Weather." Clearly Googs is posting blatant bullshit in hopes that you'll click. 

Dear Google, your 'trick' is vulgar and pathetic. It is as crappy and pandering as the 'mom 57 looks 17' and the "weird trick' to boost testosterone.  Thanks for the weather "science." Who might rely on a service that lies for a click? Your credibility is a legit as the candy asses who chase raindrops for weather shows.